Fonderie de Bretagne s.a.s.

Highest quality iron castings

Fonderie de Bretagne („FDB“) is a leading iron foundry for safety parts in the automotive industry. As a tier-1 supplier, the company produces differential cases, lower arms and knuckles made of spheroidal graphite iron.

Transaction & Strategy

For years, FDB had only two customers, with Renault as the former owner being the largest customer. Due to a lack of strategic relevance to the group, no efforts were made to acquire third party revenues or to diversify the product or customer base. Besides this dependence, the company suffered from the lasting automotive crises, Covid-19 pandemic as well as rising raw material and energy prices. In addition to that, a fire destroyed mayor parts of the production in 2019.

Together with Renault, the local management and industrial experts, Callista elaborated an industrial concept that was approved by the commercial court by a homologation procedure. This concept comprises the built up of an own sales force to accelerate the diversification of the customer and product portfolio. Moreover, significant investments of over 30m€ into the Company are planned, including but not limited to an update of melting technology and core making.



Turnover: € 70 million
Industry: Metal / Automotive
Employees: 290
Location: Caudan, Bretagne, France
Acquisition date: November 2022
Seller: Renault s.a.s. (Boulogne-Billancourt, France)



Fonderie de Bretagne s.a.s.
Z.I. de Kerpont
1075 Rue Daniel Trudaine
FR-56850 Caudan
Phone: +33 1 76 88 27 47