Callista acquires Aludyne France

Callista acquires Aludyne France from Aludyne International

Targeted collaboration with Fonderie de Bretagne


Munich, August 28th, 2023. Callista Private Equity GmbH (“Callista”) announces the acquisition of Aludyne France (“Target” or “Company”) from Aludyne International, Inc (“Seller”) through Callista Turnaround 12 GmbH (“Buyer”). The Seller decided to divest Aludyne France, as it strives for refocusing on its core business.

Located in the North-East of Paris, Aludyne France SAS is a provider of machining and assembly services for iron casted parts such as front knuckles and wheel flanges. With sophisticated quality assurance processes and a high degree of automation, the Company is a trusted supplier for blue-chip OEM customers in the automotive industry. In 2022, the Target generated revenues of approx. 20.6m€.

Kai-Uwe Rüde, managing director of the Buyer and in that function responsible as well for Callista’s portfolio company Fonderie de Bretagne (“FDB”), together with Jean-Pierre Michot, an experienced industrial manager, will act as interim managers for the first months post Closing. Together with additional people from Fonderie de Bretagne, these experts will look for future collaboration potentials between the iron foundry FDB and the iron casting machining provider Aludyne France. Moreover, staff for sales and purchasing will complement the team in the future for the Target to become fully independent from its former shareholder.