Press release Aurora

In March 2020, the luminaire manufacturer Ledvance announced the closure of its production site in Eichstätt. About 360 employees would be affected by the planned shutdown. Despite the closure decision, there was a surprising turn in the process and there was hope again for the employees and IG-Metall.

BR24 Redaktion – Christine Kerler – Investor übernimmt Ledvance-Werk Eichstätt – 27. August 2020

Uncertainty reigned for a long time at the Ledvance site in Eichstätt, which heralded the end of the production site with the published closure decision. A turnaround was achieved shortly before closure, and a new investor was found in Callista Private Equity. A location guarantee and a collective wage agreement were promised, 333 employees remain and can hope again.