Press release Aurora

For months, a new investor was sought for Ledvance GmbH’s production site in Eichstätt. The works council and IG-Metall fought to save the jobs of the nearly 360 employees – without success. The failed investor negotiations have led the Chinese owner of Ledvance GmbH to close the site. The decision to close was published and the future seemed sealed. In close cooperation, the works council, IG-Metall and Callista Private Equity once again sought talks with the responsible people at Ledvance in order to avoid the shut down of the facility. Together, a solution was found that was satisfactory for all parties. Both the production site and the employment relationships were secured for the long term.

Elektronik Praxis (Vogel Communications Group GmbH & Co. KG) – Julia Schmidt – Hoffnung für Ledvance-Werk in Eichstätt – 15. Mai 2020