Usinage de Compiègne

Highly automated machining provider with outstanding quality

Aludyne France is located in Compiegne, France, and specialized in machining as well as assembly of iron casted party, predominantly for the automotive industry. With its high degree of automation combined with sophisticated quality assurance processes, the company is a trusted partner of well-known automotive OEMs and tier-1 suppliers. Main products manufactured at the plant are wheel flanges and front knuckles.

Transaction & Strategy

Aludyne International, Inc. sold the plant as the product portfolio did not fit into the group’s core competencies anymore. Many shared functions were provided by the former Group.

The establishment of own functions, such as Purchasing, Sales and Plant Management is a first necessary step towards functional autonomy. These position will be complemented by experts of Fonderie de Bretagne, who will also seek to create synergies between the two companies. Fonderie de Bretagne produces, amongst others, knuckles for the automotive industry, which is a product that is also in the Company’s machining portfolio. Apart from that, shared functions shall be implemented and collaborations shall be fostered between the two locations. Besides that, a new IT infrastructure needs to be implemented to become independent from the former shareholder.



Turnover: € 21 million
Industry: Machining & Assembly
Employees: 48
Location: Compiegne, France
Date of acquisition: August 2023
Seller: Aludyne International, Inc. (Southfield, MI, USA)


Aludyne France SAS
1 rue du Trou Martinet, Zone du Bois de Plaisance
Venette, France
Phone: +33 3 44 30 38 10