Callista acquires Schäfer Group from INDUS Holding AG

Callista signs agreement for the acquisition of Schäfer Group from INDUS Holding AG

Transaction will be closed as per July 31st, 2023


Munich, 07.07.2023. Callista Private Equity GmbH (“Callista”) announces the acquisition of Schäfer Group from stock-exchange listed INDUS Holding AG (“Seller”) through Callista Asset Management 18 GmbH (“Buyer”).

Schäfer Group develops and manufactures complex and precise models and gauges especially for the automotive and aviation industry. Approx. 170 employees are working from four locations in Germany and China. The group comprises Schäfer GmbH & Co. KG in Osnabrück, D.M.S. GmbH Design Modell-Studien located in Munich as well as KSG Asia Limited in Hong Kong as well as a participation in KSG Automotive in Shanghai. Altogether, the companies generated approx. 16 mio. € in revenues in 2022. The parties agreed not to disclose any information on the transaction terms.

Schäfer Group, which was already declared non-core in the annual statements of INDUS in 2022, is sold as INDUS will focus on specialized industrial applications rather than the automotive industry.

Dr. Johannes Schmidt, chairman of the board of INDUS AG: “As an investor, Callista provides a growth perspective with the aim of sustainably increasing the company’s value over the long term and taking advantage of opportunities, particularly in the segment of luxury goods. In exploiting this potential, the companies are to remain largely unchanged at their existing locations.”

Under the new ownership, existing customer relationships are to be intensified and new business areas expanded. The automotive industry will still be an essential part of Schäfer Group’s business model. However, going forward, the focus will be shifted towards the luxury goods and aviation segment, as there is significant potential in terms of both sales and profitability. In addition, the company will be given the necessary flexibility to pursue its own strategy and continue its growth course.

“We are thrilled to have acquired an absolute all-rounder with Schäfer Group. The versatility of the companies’ capabilities gives us the opportunity to become the leading development partner for numerous companies across several industries.” states Christopher Irion, Chief Investment Officer of Callista.