Callista acquires Olbersdorfer Guß

Callista acquires Olbersdorfer Guß GmbH from Bauer Group

Addition to Callista’s portfolio of casting companies

Operations will be fully continued


Munich, 01.01.2023. Callista Private Equity GmbH (“Callista”) announces the acquisition of Olbersdorfer Guß GmbH (“SGO”) through Callista Asset Management 17 GmbH (“Buyer”) from Bauer Maschinen GmbH (“Seller”).

Olbersdorfer Guß is an iron and steel foundry for customers from a variety of end markets, e.g. construction, off-road heavy duty vehicles as well as energy and mining. The company employs a workforce of 85 people and generated revenues of 6.4 Mio. € in 2022 and forecasts a total turnover of 7 Mio. € in 2023. Annually, 400 to 500 different casting parts between 2kg and 200kg are manufactured. The company’s commitment to excellent quality is underpinned by several certificates.

Bauer Group sold their shareholding in Olbersdorfer Guß as it was declared non-core for the overall group strategy, which focuses on the construction of heavy construction equipment and machinery in the Bauer Maschinen GmbH division. Nevertheless, SGO will remain a reliable partner and supplier for Bauer Group in the future.

Callista’s restructuring concept for the company includes an optimization of production through improvement of processes, an investment plan as well as consequent steering and increase of capacity utilization, also through the acquisition of new customers. The production will remain at the current premises and will be expanded gradually. Even though the foundry is well diversified and not depending on a single industry, e.g. automotive, the company has to cope with today’s challenges such as high raw material and energy costs as well as shortage of skilled personnel.

Marc Zube, COO of Callista views these challenges as a “great chance to develop Olbersdorfer Guß as an independent, SME foundry based on its decades of experience and a well-functioning management team”.