Premier Periclase Ltd.

Producer of caustic calcinated and dead burnt magnesite

Premier Periclase Limited (“PPL”) is an expert in the production of high-quality caustic calcinated magnesite and dead burnt magnesite. The products are used, among other things, as an additive in livestock feed or for agricultural and industrial purposes such as water treatment to neutralize the PH value. PPL is strategically positioned on the Irish coast with direct access to its raw material, water and its own pier.

Transaction & Strategy

RHI-Magnesita (“RHIM”) sold its Irish and Norwegian magnesite production due to a global network and purchase optimization of the Group. The development of own corporate structures in Ireland outside the RHIM Group was the first step in repositioning the company in the market. The management position was filled internally, a separate finance department was established and the sales department was strengthened. In the future, worldwide distribution is to improve production utilization and thus profitability.



Turnover: € 22 million
Industry: Minerals
Employees: XY
Location: Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland
Acquisition date: February 2021
Seller: RHI Magnesita (Vienna, Austria)


Premier Periclase Ltd.
Boyne Road
County Louth, Ireland
Phone: +353 (0) 4198 – 707 – 52