Pomini Long Rolling Mills S.r.l.

Market leader in the long rolling mill segment of the steel industry

Located near Milano, Italy, Pomini is a market leader in the long rolling mill segment of the steel industry offering full line solutions, technological packages and services to steel producers around the world. With a workforce of over 130 employees, the company has delivered solutions to over 300 steel plants in more than 50 countries across six continents, resulting in a global market share of 30%. Pomini’s leading position in the market is underpinned by the ownership of several patents.

Transaction & Strategy

After several years in large corporate structure under Siemens & Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ownership, Pomini was limited in pursuing an independent strategy. Due to group restrictions, the company was not able to develop own business and could not pursue promising projects.

In a standalone setup, Pomini is able to refocus on its core business without any limitations and guidelines from an industrial group. It is be possible to operate more nimbly and agilely in the market as well as serve regions formerly prohibited due to group restrictions. Another key element is the development of Pomini’s service business, which is driven by market demand for increasing automation, remote management and technological advancement of plants.



Turnover: € 30 million
Industry: Engineering / Steel
Employees: 130
Location: Marnate, Italy
Acquisition date: October 2021
Seller: Primetals Technologies Ltd., part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (London, UK)


POMINI Long Rolling Mills S.r.l.
Via Luigi Pomini 92, Marnate (VA), Italy
Phone +39 0331 741211
E-Mail: info@pominirollingmills.com