Polymer Filtration Solutions

Sulfonated Polyethersulfones for filtration applications

Polymer Filtration Solutions GmbH (“PFS”) was split-off from MainTech Systems GmbH and transferred to a new legal entity. The business of PFS is a sulfonization process for polyethersulfones (SPES), which did not have any similiarities with the core business of MainTech, which is plant engineering. For that reason and to promote this business independently, the production of SPES was carved-out.

Transaction & Strategy

As a non-core business of MainTech Systems, the marketing of SPES was never promoted independently. Through the split-off, PFS is able to expand its production facilities. As the demand on the customer side is high, the additionally produced volumes can be sold accordingly.

For the capacity expansion, PFS needs to move to other production facilities, but anyhow within the industrial site of ICO. Moreover, an extensive investment programm into new equipment and machinery is initiated.



Turnover: 2 Mio. €
Industry: Kunststoff / Polymere
Employees: 0
Location: Industrie Center Obernburg, Obernburg am Main, Deutschland
Acquisition Date: Januar 2023 (Spin-off)
Seller: MainTech Systems GmbH


Polymer Filtration Solutions GmbH
Industrie Center Obernburg
D-63784 Obernburg am Main
Phone: +49 6022 81 2320
E-Mail: info@maintech.pro