Monofrax Ltd.

Niche player for fused cast refractory materials

Monofrax produces fused cast refractory ceramic blocks. Due to the material composition, Monofrax’ products withstand the highest temperatures and have high wear resistance. The main components are high-grade zirconium oxide, aluminum oxide or chromium. Customers are primarily from the glass and steel industries.

Transaction & Strategy

Due to its integration into the RHI Group, Monofrax produced refractories for the mass market for a long time. As an expert for special materials with lower volumes, Monofrax was unable to achieve sufficient profitability during this period due to a lack of automation and therefore could not compete with other intra-Group suppliers. As a consequence, the company was sold to Callista.

In the carve-out process, Group services were replaced by internal structures. Simultaneously, third-party revenues were acquired in order to gain independence from RHI. A strategic reorientation back to a niche supplier of special products was carried out in order to revive the historical strength in this segment. Today, Monofrax appears on the market as a reliable partner with high-quality products. Major national and international customers trust both the material and production expertise of Monofrax.



Turnover: € 20 million
Industry: Refractories / Minerals
Employees: 117
Location: Falconer, New York, United States of America
Date of acquisition: June 2016
Seller: RHI AG (Vienna, Austria)


Monofrax LLC
1870 New York Avenue
Falconer NY 14733-1797, USA
Phone: +1 (0) 7164 – 837 – 200