Madera Fiber Technologies S.L.

Natural and Woodfiber Products

Madera Fiber Technologies is a producer of natural and woodfiber products located in Porriño, Spain in close proximity to Vigo. The company is specialized on the production of natural and woodfiber polypropylene (NFPP & WFPP) mats. These mats are either sold directly as a semifinished good or processed inhouse to end products. Such end products are typically automotive interior covers or panels, which are then covered with leather or fabrics. The advantage of this lightweight material is its stability and low density, with good heat and noise insulation.

Transaction & Strategy

After the acquisition through Faurecia, the company was transformed to a sole group supplier. External customers were rejected, to ensure the delivery of Faurecia plants. As the group turnover alone was never sufficient to occupy the plant on an adequate level, the company’s results declined over several years.

Right after transaction, Faurecia remains the biggest customer of the plant. Neverheless, the company was already capable of winning new customers from the automotive industry. Apart from that, a broader diversification strategy will be implemented to address also new markets, e.g. furniture or logistics industry.



Turnover: € 10 million
Industry: Automotive
Employees: 100
Location: Porriño, Galicia, Spain
Acquisition date: January 2022
Seller: Faurecia Intérieur Industrie SAS (France)


Madera Fiber Technologies S.L.
Parcela 205 Poligono Industrial As Gándaras
36400 O Porriño, Pontevedra, Spain