CCM Compressor & Components Manufacturing GmbH

Crankshafts, cylinders and compressors

CCM’s core competencies lie in its in-house development department, the downstream series production of individual compressor parts (crankshafts, cylinders) and the assembly of compressors. Main customers of its services and products are clients from the cooling technology and automotive industry.

Transaction & Strategy

Due to problems in the post-merger integration into the former Japanese parent company, CCM could never be fully integrated. Planned synergies were not realized and the full potential could not be reached.

The orientation of CCM as an independent company, without the limiting factor of a large corporation, is the main driver of the new strategy. Years of experience in the development of innovative air compressors led to internal research competencies that were only available to the former owner in the past. Since the takeover by Callista, these competencies have been promoted to external customers in order to expand existing and establish new customer relationships. In addition to a newly implemented sales team, automotive experts from Callista’s network provided support in various areas. These include, among others, support for sales, business development and the identification of new customers as well as internal process optimization.



Turnover: € 10 million
Industry: Automotive / Metal / Metal Processing
Employees: XY
Location: Chemnitz & Zschopau, Saxony, Germany
Acquisition date: October 2020
Seller: Nabtesco Automotive (Tokyo, Japan)


CCM Compressor & Components Manufacturing GmbH
Thalheimer Str. 7
09125 Chemnitz, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 3715 – 301 – 80