Berlin Millhouse GmbH

The leading specialist in CNC processing, manufacturing and machining.

The Berlin based company focuses on the processing of aluminum die castings and forgings, especially for the automotive industry. Historically a pure production facility of the former shareholder. Berlin Millhouse now offers all competencies from a single-source blueprint to series production. The core competencies in production include milling, lathing, deburring and quality controls. Highly complex customer requirements can be satisfied through a high level of technological expertise and flexibility.

Transaction & Strategy

As a long-standing part of the Italian Alupress AG, the Berlin production site functioned primarily as an extended workbench for the Group’s own aluminum foundry. Management positions were only partially in place. Various services such as purchasing, sales and IT were provided by the Group’s headquarter.

Through an asset deal, the operations were transferred to a new legal entity – Berlin Millhouse GmbH (“BMH”). The downstream, operational carve-out from the Alupress Group included the implementation of own functions to make the company independently functional. The establishment of its own sales team and cooperation with sales partners from various industrial sectors are intended on the one hand to reduce dependence on the combustion engine and on the other hand to advance the positioning of BMH as a processing company independent of materials.



Turnover: € 24 million
Industry: Automotive / Metal / Metal Processing
Employees: 152
Location: Berlin, Berlin Germany
Acquisition date: July 2020
Seller: Alupress AG (Bressanone, Italy)


Berlin Millhouse GmbH
Markscheiderstr. 44
13407 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 3041 – 479 – 40