Aurora Lichtwerke GmbH

Lighting solutions "Made in Germany"

Aurora Lichtwerke GmbH is a specialist in the lighting industry from development to industrialization of mass production. Aurora covers the complete cycle of the value chain in-house. As a former production facility of Osram and Ledvance, Aurora looks back on decades of tradition and experience in lighting production. Internal competencies in the development of modern lighting solutions complemented by engineering skills have always enabled Aurora to bring internationally competitive products to the market and it is one of the few remaining European illuminant producers for halogen and LED.

Transaction & Strategy

The strategic realignment of Ledvance GmbH by its Chinese owners as a productionless sales organization led to the decision to close the production facility in Eichstätt. Shortly after publication and due to the close cooperation between Callista, the works council, IG Metall and the management at Ledvance, the shutdown decision was averted and instead a sale to Callista was realized.

In the course of an asset deal, the business was spun off from Ledvance GmbH and transferred to Aurora Lichtwerke GmbH. Missing departments formerly provided by the Group (management, sales, IT systems) were set up locally in Eichstätt. The necessary carve-out was implemented in a very short time so that the management could concentrate on the strategic reorientation. Strategically, new areas of business and sales markets were identified, cooperations were established and new products were brought to the market.



Turnover: € 48 million
Industry: Lighting
Employees: 312
Location: Eichstätt, Bavaria, Germany
Acquisition date: August 2020
Seller: Ledvance GmbH (Garching, Germany)


Aurora Lichtwerke GmbH
Industriestr. 20
85072 Eichstätt, Germany
Phone: + 49 (0) 8421 – 609 – 0