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Callista Private Equity is specialized on acquisitions, carve-outs & sustainable restructuring of loss-making entities.

Callista Private Equity is specialized on acquisitions of loss-making Group subsidiaries, consolidated non-core affiliated companies and business units facing special situations. The company’s success is based on post transaction restructuring focused on sustainable profitability.

The experienced and internationally oriented team of experts of Callista Private Equity manages the acquired company and immediately focuses on the carve-out. The aim is to quickly generate first positive restructuring effects, enabling a further development towards sustainable profitability and a potential later divestment of the company.

We immediately initialize carve-out measures to separate the company from the selling entity and start the restructuring of the company within the first 6 months after transaction. The first relevant effects are to be achieved within this period. Our operationally experienced industry experts continue to trim the company for sustainable profitable growth within another 18 to 30 months. Callista Private Equity puts great emphasis on a speedy transaction. This is to provide you with quick relief and to speed up the implementation of vital restructuring measures. Hereby we increase the chances for a successful turnaround.

Focus on

Our transaction focus can be summarized by the following deal characteristics:

  • Loss-making operations with a negative EBIT margin
  • Takeover of a majority stake in the company
  • Revenue of EUR 10m to EUR 200m

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Our team


We do concentrate on the carve-out and on operational restructuring, not on lengthy negotiations in the bidding process.

This allows all parties to quickly and cost effectively get an overview over the overall situation of the entity. The company itself can go through the transaction limbo in a relatively short period and will be immediately informed on realignment, carve-out and associated measures.


  • Loss-making unit with EBIT margin of between -20% to 0%
  • Seller holds a majority stake
  • ​Revenues of between EUR 10 million and EUR 200 million


  • Immediate initiation of carve-out and restructuring
  • Experienced experts support management
  • HR measures: personnel development and outplacement
  • Seller is granted preemptive rights, dividend and earn-out participation


  • Seller can re-focus on profitable operations
  • Immediate improvement of profitability and the Group’s market value
  • Safeguarding the reputation of the seller
  • Profit participation following successful restructuring


Being a private equity investor, we acquire stakes in entities which are facing special situations and which do not (any longer) belong to the core business of the seller and which are also in distress. Our approach is to acquire a controlling or a significant minority stake of loss-making subsidiaries, affiliated companies or non-core operations. We focus on the carve-out and restructuring process targeting sustainable profitability via a repositioning or increased focus on growth. By doing so, we integrate into the company and seek to be near the employees in order to improve the company’s operation in a joint effort.


We accompany the seller through the deconsolidation of the business unit. Already during the due diligence process, we determine a communication strategy as part of our business continuity concept. In this process our focus is on safeguarding the reputation of the seller and of existing brands trusting collaboration with the management, the workforce and potentially labor unions.

Within the following 18 to 30 months we closely accompany the restructuring of the company by maintaining close coordination between management, employees and our industry experts, maintaining a focus on strengthening profitability and fostering profitable growth.

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We are specialized on spin-offs of Group or Holding operations. Our methodical expertise and longtime experience enables a systematic approach and a rapid and smooth takeover of services earlier provided by the previous owner. These carve-out measures are focused on directly following the closing of the transaction and the initiation of the restructuring process. Measures are typically targeting IT-Systems, Accounting & Controlling, General Management, Re-Branding, Legal and Human Resources. The complete bundle of measures described in a master plan of the restructuring is based on a self-developed and proven methodology guaranteeing a smooth, rapid and liquidity friendly application.

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Our strength is the operational implementation of restructuring measures, particularly directly after the exit of the company from the selling group. Callista Private Equity is positioned to provide additional financing or to bridge liquidity shortages during and beyond the restructuring phase. We have an extensive network of investors and have specialized on investor relations and company exits.

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